Cellulite on one leg

Is it possible to have cellulite on one leg?

Before I get into the cellulite story, I just want to say

the reason I haven’t posted for a while is because I was

finishing off my 10 novels that I have now published on

Amazon ‘Island Assassins’


I wrote them last year and started to publish in Feb

this year, within 6 months, I managed to get all 10

books are out there to be read


It took a lot of work and brain power and I was so

focussed on finishing them, I couldn’t write anything

else. Then I had to take a wee break but I’m back now,

aiming to get two posts out a week


I have so much to talk about…


Back in July, I was in Tenerife and I set myself a

challenge to do every day, it was bodyweight and I

could do it in the hotel room


It included squat thrusts, which is the bottom part of

a burpee. Think of being in a hand plank and jumping

your legs in and out, without standing up


As I was in Tenerife, I did this in my underwear in the

air conditioned hotel room, it made sense


So, I’m watching my legs, trying to get the movement

perfect and trying to jump in closer each time, when

I was distracted by my lumpy cellulite


I put on a lot of weight recently hitting over 13 stone

on the scales but have got back down to 11 stone 10

and my normal weight is about 10 and a half. This

was the first time I had seen cellulite like this


After a while, I noticed that my right leg was fine,

no lumpiness at all, it was just on my left leg and I

thought how weird!


A few hours later I figured it out


My right leg is my demonstrating leg (in the studio)

and has better muscle tone than my left


I can now tell you from experience that weight or

body weight training can and will help you get rid

of cellulite


I asked Ryan to take a photo

Cellulite one leg

but why does this happen?


When your muscle is in good condition i.e. strong,

It pulls closer to the bone, taking the tissue with it

and when the muscle is slightly pumped, it evens

out the skin and tissue


However, exercise won’t get rid of cellulite completely

but it will improve the appearance of the skin and



There is a lot of rubbish written about cellulite,

so called miracle creams and treatments and while

they can improve the surface of your skin, they

don’t address the tissue underneath i.e. where

cellulite lives!


I can only show you my photo of my underused,

cellulite ridden left leg and my more toned right

leg that is smoother as evidence that exercise more

than helps


I’m interested in hearing more stories, have you

found exercise to improve your cellulite?


Reply and let me know


Carolyne xx


p.s. look out for me in your inbox on a Monday

and Thursday, I’m feeling inspired to write

again on fitness, food and success

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