Forty and frumpy

This could also read fifty and frumpy…


I was reading a news article last night and I

clicked on one of those adverts that get you

to read a lot of rubbish


it was called 30 hairstyles if you are over 40


and because it said ‘over 40’ I found myself

looking through the gallery and it blew me

away just how many sexy and gorgeous

women there were


to name a few:

Jennifer Aniston

Heidi Klum

Kate Beckinsale

Naomi Watts


and for the over 50’s:

Elle MacPherson

Nicole Kidman

Cindy Crawford


Honestly there are so many, I can’t name them

all, feel free to do a google


So, what’s my point?


For women, growing older can feel so depressing

while men seem to get better with age, look great

with grey hair and can still pull females half their



Women have the torture of menopause, weight

gain and hormones running riot that lead to a

feeling of being past their sell by date and

general unattractiveness


and it’s easy to give up!


Now I now celebrities have money and plastic

surgeons and people who come to their house

to cook for them and make them exercise (I

can help you there)


But they also have something else that most of

us don’t have and it’s the mindset to keep

themselves in shape, looking and feeling good


Every decision they make about food and

exercise is the right one for their goals and they

don’t let anything get in the way


They want it


Are you thinking about your summer holiday

you’ve booked and are picturing yourself in a

bikini, looking like a bond girl, but at the

moment you resemble a mould of unshapely

corned beef?


Have you noticed the weight creeping on even

though you haven’t changed your diet or

exercise routine?


Do you look back at pictures from years ago

wishing you still looked like you did then?


Are your energy levels low or erratic, are your

joints stiff and sore, do you have hot flushes

and moments of rage?


If your answer is yes to any of the above or all

of the above, you are not alone and I’m only

mentioning a small amount of symptoms of

living over 40 here…


Most of the members of my Studio are over 40

(although I do have a handful under 40) as am I

and we are all working towards being our best

and feeling like we are in our prime


It is harder but not impossible


Just look up those women online, genetics and

surgeons aside, we could look that good,

couldn’t we?


If you need help getting there, get in touch with

me for a 2 week free trial, just email me back


Carolyne xx


p.s. Madonna is 60 this year!






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