If it’s too good to be true…

If it’s too good to be true… it usually is


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Ok, back to normal business!


A headline caught my eye at the weekend, a

girl called Scarlett (from the TV) was caught

cheating her fans by claiming her exercise

video was the cause of her weight loss


(she dropped from a size 18 to an 8)


When in fact she had been living on 700

calories a day and exercising intensely for

six hours a day


The story reminded me of Belle Gibson, a

wellness coach in Australia who lied about

having brain cancer and that she cured it

with her healthy lifestyle outlined in her

books, products and website




At first with both stories I felt sorry for each

woman, there is so much pressure in this

industry to look good so you can ‘sell’ to

other women


and what might have started as a small white

lie, turned into a very public outing of being

a liar and a cheat


However, when I read both stories, they had

actually set out to deceive people, right from

the beginning, it was planned and that changes



They aren’t the only two, there are so many

more celebrities that have claimed their DVD,

book or diet resulted in their weight loss, when

it was starving, too much exercise and pills

that did it


and then they put the weight back on…


This is why you should always be wary of claims

of any kind of weight loss in any period of time


Everyone is different, some lose weight easily

and others take a lot longer, it depends on how

much you have to lose and it depends on what

exactly you are eating and doing for exercise


It’s not a one size fits all


We all want that magic pill that we take before

bed, looking like someone who ate all the pies,

to wake up in the morning resembling a twig


but it doesn’t exist


I’m not saying it has to be hard work either,

making a few changes to your lifestyle, getting

into a routine and having the mindset that

you need to take care of your body forever is a

good place to start


Choose something that you enjoy too, because

your body lives as long as you do


and stay clear of unrealistic claims, I’ve never

given you any claims, I’ve never said lose x in

x weeks


It can happen but it might not and it’s always

good to have low expectations and blast them

out the park




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