Why you shouldn’t give up

A common scenario at the Studio is a client

telling me they can’t do something because they

are not strong enough


‘I can’t lift that…’

‘I can’t bend my arms…’

‘I can’t get my bum down low enough…’

‘I can’t keep my legs straight…’


Can I do something else instead?


If they don’t have an injury or are not anatomically

exempt from the exercise, my answer is usually no


because I’m a callous, heartless trainer who enjoys

watching their clients torturing themselves?


Yes, but also because I know if you keep going with

the exercise you will soon be able to do it. Think

about babies falling over when they start to walk.

They can’t walk but keep trying then ‘hey presto’

they are walking


It’s exactly the same for adults


So if you say ‘I can’t do xyz because I have no

upper body strength, I’m not going to say ‘ok

of you go and do some squats then


I’m going to make you do xyz to the best of

your ability and in a safe manner i.e. not

pushing you into an injury


You might not like it but that’s why you come

to me, to help you get stronger and do the

things you don’t like to do


For example…


Most women don’t have great upper body

strength and can’t do press ups, now I know

they won’t suddenly be able to do them but

with some cheats, alternatives and variations

I can get them there


without doing them on their knees!

(otherwise known as ladies press ups aarrghh)


Even without the carefully selected push downs,

baby seals and suicide press ups that all help

build that strength


Just holding a hand plank and bending your

arms then straightening them again, while

maintaining a good plank, would be enough

and would certainly be better than doing



As long as you went a bit further each time


It’s all so worth it when they do their first

proper press ups and it is as if it happened by

magic but it was down to not giving up and

some effort


It’s not that hard and if you want me to help

you do press ups or anything else, get in touch

for a two week free trial




p.s. this applies to anything in life, not just

exercise, remember that the next you say you





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